Cinematic Arts and Sound is a world class state of the 

art film and recording arts studio located blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Oceanside, California.

Our 5000 sq/ft creative hub offers daily and weekly studio rentals for our white cyclorama sound stage, recording studios, 14 seat screening room and classroom.

Also, housed within the studio, is a high-end camera rental company, Old School Cameras. This is the only camera house in San Diego with a prep floor and the luxury of having its main office in Hollywood to support any size production.

Professional services include video production, photography, post production, sound design, and recording studio services.

Not only do we offer professional services we also offer workshops held by sought after talent with a variety of classes in art, filmmaking, and sound.  Always seeking cutting edge information and education to showcase!

Our staff consists of uniquely talented artists who encompass a united goal to support and elevate the quality of content we produce out of our studio both audibly and visually.  We treat our clients like family and with our “open door” policy, we hope to make an impact and contribute to the arts in our community.