Studio A

Studio A was designed with post production workflow in mind. Set up with a full edit bay, DAW based recording workflow capable of 5.1 mix downs, live performance & broadcast, ADR, Vocal Booth with Foley Pits, scoring, graphic design, DaVinci Resolve color-correction, and a 14-seat theatre screening room. 

Control Room: 18’ x 24’ (432 sq ft)
Foley Booth: 11’ x 8’ (88 sq ft)
Sound Stage: 27’ x 30’ (810 sq ft)

DAW Control
Avid Artist Mix & Artist Control

16 Channels of Accusonic Preamps

JBL 8320 Cinema Surround w/Cerwin-Vega CVA-118 Sub
Blue Sky Media Desk Surround System
Blue Sky 5.1 Bass Management
Crown Amplification

DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel
Cinema Screen
37” Samsung LCD Foley Monitor
Foley Pit (wood floor, tape stock, rocks, empty)
TriCaster TCXD-850 w/ LC-11 Controller